Spam protection with reCaptcha plugin for phpBB2

We acclaim that you use the reCAPTCHA phpBB MOD to install reCAPTCHA. The reCAPTCHA phpBB2 plugin uses a CAPTCHA to anticipate appointment spam. In accession to the phpBB MOD, there’s additionally a application to accredit reCAPTCHA on registration. There are two mods available, one for allotment and one for bedfellow posts. To install reCAPTCHA application a patch, chase these directions:

  • Download the zip file ( and extract.
  • Move the file recaptchalib.php to your phpBB includes directory.
  • Apply the first patch by running the following command from your phpBB includes directory:
    • patch -b usercp_register.php < /path/to/usercp_register.patch
  • Move the profile_add_body.tpl.patch file to the phpBB templates/<your_theme> directory (by default <your_theme> is ‘subSilver’)
  • Apply the second patch by running the following command from the phpBB templates/<your_theme> directory:
    • patch -b profile_add_body.tpl < /path/to/profile_add_body.tpl.patch
  • Sign up for reCAPTCHA keys ( reCAPTCHA will issue you a public and private key. Open usercp_register.php in your includes directory and update
  • the $recaptcha_public_key and $recaptcha_private_key with the values you were issued.
  • Your ReCAPTCHA widget should now appear on the user registration page.

What is Seo Url Mods

phpBB SEO URL mods currently optimizing over 6 millions pages (Google,Yahoo,Live) worldwide!

Among the most famous phpBB SEO mods you will find :

  • The Ultimate SEO URL, which hanldes three modes :
    • Advanced Mode
    • Mixed Mode
    • Simple Mode
  • The official phpBB SEO premod, including all phpBB SEO mods. It is installed as fast and easy as phpBB3 and comes with the same automatic update packages as phpBB.
  • A complete xml and html sitemap solution as well generating RSS feeds with GYM Sitemaps & RSS, compatible with all phpBB SEO mods.
  • Many more mods to best otptimize phpBB for search engines, such as the must have Zero duplicate, the Dynamic Meta tag mod, the Optimal title mod, the No duplicate and many more to be found in our phpBB SEO Toolkit forum.

URL rewriting solution are fully configurable in ACP. You can customize each forum and topic url and set up many more option to make your URL standard unique and best optimize your forum indexing and SERP Ranking.

You can download phpBB Seo Url Mods at

New phpBB 3.0.6 version is released

This absolution fixes abundant bugs, introduces some above features, as able-bodied as improves adherence and performance. Furthermore, the centralized updater has been adapted to ascertain and break best conflicts, consistent in a abridgement of all-important chiral alternation by administrators. With this absolution our abutment aggregation will alone accord abutment for phpBB 3.0.6, updates to phpBB 3.0.6 and conversions to phpBB 3.0.6..

phpBB 3.0.6 fixes bugs actuality absolutely important for a bland operation of your forums.

A account of above new appearance implemented in phpBB 3.0.6.

  • Better captcha options and backported 3.2 captcha plugins:
    • Classic and GD CAPTCHA
    • reCaptcha (based on API from by Mike Crawford and Ben Maurer)
    • 3D Wave (by Robert “Xore” Hetzler)
  • Introduced new ACM (Cache) plugins. (Please consult our support forums for help if you need to use one of the new ACM plugins)
  • ATOM Feeds
  • Bare-bones Quick Reply editor in viewtopic
  • Users can report PMs to moderators which are then visible in a new MCP module
  • Ability to copy permissions from one forum to several other forums.
  • Send anonymous statistical information to phpBB on installation and update (optional)

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