What is Seo Url Mods

phpBB SEO URL mods currently optimizing over 6 millions pages (Google,Yahoo,Live) worldwide!

Among the most famous phpBB SEO mods you will find :

  • The Ultimate SEO URL, which hanldes three modes :
    • Advanced Mode
    • Mixed Mode
    • Simple Mode
  • The official phpBB SEO premod, including all phpBB SEO mods. It is installed as fast and easy as phpBB3 and comes with the same automatic update packages as phpBB.
  • A complete xml and html sitemap solution as well generating RSS feeds with GYM Sitemaps & RSS, compatible with all phpBB SEO mods.
  • Many more mods to best otptimize phpBB for search engines, such as the must have Zero duplicate, the Dynamic Meta tag mod, the Optimal title mod, the No duplicate and many more to be found in our phpBB SEO Toolkit forum.

URL rewriting solution are fully configurable in ACP. You can customize each forum and topic url and set up many more option to make your URL standard unique and best optimize your forum indexing and SERP Ranking.

You can download phpBB Seo Url Mods at http://www.phpbb-seo.com