Spam protection with reCaptcha plugin for phpBB2

We acclaim that you use the reCAPTCHA phpBB MOD to install reCAPTCHA. The reCAPTCHA phpBB2 plugin uses a CAPTCHA to anticipate appointment spam. In accession to the phpBB MOD, there’s additionally a application to accredit reCAPTCHA on registration. There are two mods available, one for allotment and one for bedfellow posts. To install reCAPTCHA application a patch, chase these directions:

  • Download the zip file ( and extract.
  • Move the file recaptchalib.php to your phpBB includes directory.
  • Apply the first patch by running the following command from your phpBB includes directory:
    • patch -b usercp_register.php < /path/to/usercp_register.patch
  • Move the profile_add_body.tpl.patch file to the phpBB templates/<your_theme> directory (by default <your_theme> is ‘subSilver’)
  • Apply the second patch by running the following command from the phpBB templates/<your_theme> directory:
    • patch -b profile_add_body.tpl < /path/to/profile_add_body.tpl.patch
  • Sign up for reCAPTCHA keys ( reCAPTCHA will issue you a public and private key. Open usercp_register.php in your includes directory and update
  • the $recaptcha_public_key and $recaptcha_private_key with the values you were issued.
  • Your ReCAPTCHA widget should now appear on the user registration page.